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How Go Top Shelf helped Maverick Group build a brand from scratch, drive traffic and see a return on investment within 6 months.

derek timmons

I used Top Shelf to design and build my website and was incredibly impressed with the results! The guys were easy to work with, up to speed on current trends, communicated very well and produced EXACTLY what I asked for! I highly recommend them!

Derek Timmons
CEO at Maverick Group

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Project Overview

Maverick Group is an Airdrie real estate company owned by Derek Timmons. Derek was raised by Realtors and contractors, and we feel this gives him a unique angle when it comes to knowing about homes.

Derek had a successful career in construction for 16 years, but now it was time to trade the hardhat and coveralls for a suit. We wanted to give Derek a professional, but approachable website for potential clients to visit and learn more about him and make sure people could find it.



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Our SEO strategy continually and steadily increased traffic to the website. With more traffic, more leads followed and we were able to reinvest in our earlier efforts.

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Derek knew that it would take time to build clout in the Real Estate industry, and wanted to get started on the right foot.

One of the key challenges in real estate marketing is building recognition and trust. This is something that happens over time, but we needed to strategise as to how we could grow that as quickly as possible.

We also needed a platform that Derek’s potential clients could engage with and see just how great he is.

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First we started with Derek’s branding. We worked together to identify Derek’s strongest selling points and the information that would help clients choose him as their Realtor. We opted to hone in on the fact that Derek was actually in the construction industry for 16 years and likely knew more about the houses themselves than any other Realtor could, giving him an edge.
We then designed a logo, colour scheme and assigned fonts for him to use in any marketing materials and communications he puts out to give consistency and recognisability to his company. For the logo, we decided to go with an unusual colour palette. Since most Realtors tend to stick with either blue or red as their primary colour, we chose to use orange and teal. These colours stand out a lot more for Derek’s lawn signs and other print materials, and distinguish him from his vast competition.
Next we started on the website. At first we built a one page website to get Derek going quickly and give him a professional place to send potential clients. It wasn’t long before we started building out the website though, adding MLS listings, a reviews page, a blog and more.
Once the website had expanded, we started working on SEO. In real estate, it’s common for a Realtor to pick one area to focus their efforts and dominate. Since Airdrie is Derek’s stomping ground, we decided to target that area with a goal to make it his. We also added more trust signals to the website, including Derek’s many 5 star reviews, his top producer awards, and direct access to the expert associates he keeps for the things a Realtor doesn’t typically do.


Within 3 months, Derek’s website began to show up for the keywords we were targeting, and by 6 months he closed his first deal as a direct result of our SEO work - which was large enough to return more than his investment so far. Three months later he closed his second deal, and the clients keep on coming.
Over the course of our SEO campaign, we’ve increased traffic to Derek’s website by 7,116% year over year. We continue to work on the search engine optimisation of the website, as there is always plenty of room to grow further.
Throughout the course of working on the website, we were also able to reduce the bounce rate by over 15%, meaning the people that find the website are 15% more likely to view more than one page, giving them another opportunity to interact with it and making them more likely to contact Derek.


Year over year organic
traffic growth


Bounce rate reduced
year over year


ROI within first year

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