Website Takeover Services

Are you dissatisfied with your current website? Has your previous website development company left you filled with empty promises about their ability to provide a digital platform for you to grow and prosper on? Go Top Shelf has taken over many sites for clients that require more than their last providers were able to do for them. Our services are top-notch, and we have all the resources available to help you achieve your business’s digital goals.

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What Is A Website Takeover?

A website takeover is when a company starts managing, upgrading, and tuning-up a site that a previous company was in charge of. Sometimes companies underperform and make promises that they cannot live up to. That’s where we come in. We have the portfolio, resources, and team to back up our promises and our deals. We are always here for our clients and any problems that they may have. Go Top Shelf consistently performs and our websites will leave you breathless.

Website Tune-Up Services

Sometimes a website requires a little extra work to increase page speed, fix errors, and implement features that other companies were not able to provide. Go Top Shelf can implement changes to your site on almost any platform that it was built on, and enable features that other companies simply were not able to do. Many companies have websites built for them that have a low page speed or simply don’t look good or perform right on all devices. These websites require some additional work to bring up to speed so they compete with the rest of the digital ecosystem.

Websites That Work

Take a look at our portfolio and see our past projects. We have consistently provided top-notch quality work for clients in a myriad of businesses. From real estate to lawyers to the restaurant industry— we have brought many companies a website they can be proud of and depend on to work to the fullest of its capacity. Our reputation stands strong on Google as well, with over 24 5-star reviews on Google MyBusiness alone. For more information on how we can upgrade and tune-up your website, check out our contact page.

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Increase Page Speed

Go Top Shelf specializes in increasing a website's speed. We have taken many websites and upgraded their website so their load speeds are under 3 seconds, and in most cases, we increase their speeds to 1 second in total.

Fully Responsive

With how many devices are out on the market today, it's crucial for a company's website to look correct across every device and screen resolution. We can redesign your site so that no visitor feels left out.

Search Engine Optimization

Is your site failing to rank on search engines? Our team can help change that. Using advanced SEO tactics, we can take your site from the back reaches of Google and bring it to the frontlines of your industry, establishing your expertise, authority, and trust across your field.

Professional Development & Coding

Our developers are extremely keen on the ways of coding. Our strategy and processes allow you to have a nice looking website that is also just as beautiful in the backend. We will take care of any bugs or errors you have, and your code will neat and tidy.

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