Website Hosting Services

When it comes to hosting your website the options may seem endless… with hundreds of different hosting companies and agencies offering different packages with a variety of products; it can be extremely tiresome trying to find the right choice, for the right price.

At Go Top Shelf, our web hosting server has been built around an iron wall of security and we have never had a site go offline. Be worry-free when you purchase one of our hosting packages knowing your site will have an outstanding up-time paired with complete protection.

We run a high power dedicated server – which means we have full control, and you’ll never run into issues with your server neighbors.

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Web Hosting Services

Our maintenance plans start at $125/month and include the following:

  1. Unlimited “up to 15-minute” content updates – for example, image changes or adding/removing other content as requested.
  2. Monthly website software updates (not doing these can cause issues with contact forms and other functions). This includes plugins, themes, and resolving errors that may arise in the website’s code. You are still responsible for holding and purchasing any licenses needed for the software on your website.
  3. Daily off-site backups, in case anything ever happens we can quickly restore the most recent backup.
  4. Monthly on-site backups as a second layer of protection.
  5. Monthly security scans; WordPress sites are generally pretty secure, but servers can get viruses just like any other computer. We scan your website monthly to check for any such malware, and remove or repair it if anything is detected.

Here is what Isn't Included In Our Plans

Our plans don’t include everything. Here are some things that aren’t included in our plans.

  1. Anything not explicitly involved with the website, for example, the creation of graphics, photography, printing, IT support, etc.
  2. Full website redesigns; we can provide you with a quote separately, but it would not be included in this website maintenance plan.
  3. We can also provide web hosting as part of a maintenance package and can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

Website Maintenance Services

Website’s require work even after they have been completed. Sometimes the site requires plugin updates, database backups, or some things just don’t work as they were intended to. Go Top Shelf is a highly rated website maintenance service company that can set you up with a monthly or hourly maintenance plan to make sure your site is always working in tip-top shape.

Your website needs to remain up-to-date, secure, and working as intended throughout its life. We will make sure that your site isn’t left unattended, and is always working to the best of its ability. All websites should be analyzed frequently in order to compete with the rest of your competitors as well, as a website that doesn’t work correctly can damage your reputation and work against you in the long run.

Website Fixes

Is your website not working correctly and requires some attention? Go Top Shelf can find the cause of your problems and eradicate them from your website in a quick and efficient manner. We know how frustrating problems can be if your site isn’t working correctly, and it gets even worse when you have no idea how to fix it. Allow us to take the reigns and find the exact cause of your website’s issues and get rid of them once and for all.

Maintenance Plans That Fit Your Business

Ongoing Support

If you have purchased a website with us, your site is eligible to be maintained for free with features like ongoing 24/7 uptime support and virus protection.

Software Updates

Your site must keep up with the latest software versions available if you want to keep it stable. You can rely on our consistent and reliable update program to keep your site up to date with the latest version of any software your website uses.

Content Updates

One of the paid features Go Top Shelf offers its clients is the ability to commit your own changes to your website or have us do them FOR you! Depending on your system, making adjustments to your website can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With Go Top Shelf you can utilize our team to provide your website with any changes you like.

Complete Backups

We keep your website backed up so that there is no chance that you lose your website due to unforeseen circumstances. All of your data will be backed up and made available to you at any time.

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