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WordPress is a wonderful foundation for most websites on the web. Here at Go Top Shelf, we pride ourselves in our distinct knowledge of the WordPress platform. Take a look at some of the key points below to find out why we love WordPress so much!


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WordPress Web Development

Why we use WordPress

WordPress is a widely used (around 20% of ALL websites use WordPress) Content Management System that can be used as a foundation for your website. When most people hear “WordPress” they think of the free blogging platform at WordPress.com – however, the WordPress we use is an open source package of code that allows us to build upon it, which requires a server, and can be found at WordPress.org.

Does using WordPress mean that we just use “cookie cutter themes” to create our websites? No. We either develop completely custom, or modify an existing solution to achieve whatever we’re trying to do.

WordPress Web Design

When we use WordPress

Go to pretty much any web developer in Calgary, and most likely they’re going to be planning on building your website with WordPress. Why? WordPress has been worked on by hundreds of experts to create a versatile solution that allows developers to save time (and therefore save their clients money) by creating a lot of the groundwork needed for any website.

We use WordPress mostly for small business builds, or by request. We use WordPress when both we and the client agree that it’s the direction we want to go in.

WordPress Website SEO

Things to consider

  • It’s a versatile Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is ideal for clients that want to be able to edit their own website, or make their own web updates. We can do all of the hard work and coding to supplement WordPress, and still have it be extremely easy for our clients to update
  • There are a vast quantity of premade solutions available for adding specific functionality. We don’t use prebuilt solutions because we’re lazy – we use them because they save us time in both planning and implementation, and therefore ultimately save our clients money.
  • Widely and openly supported. If we do use prebuilt solutions in your WordPress website, it also means that the people and companies that provide those solutions are responsible for updating them. That means it’s easy for us, or our clients, to always keep websites up to date and secure.
  • We can develop anything with WordPress. One of the things we pride ourselves on, is the ability to create literally any website using WordPress. In some cases it doesn’t make sense, but if needed we can use WordPress as our foundation, and build anything we want on top of it.

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