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We create exceptional eCommerce and web app experiences for our clients in Calgary and around the world – but this does not come easily! Ultimately, it takes a well put-together team that is dedicated to getting the job done right. An integral part of your marketing strategy and brand image is your website. This should not be taken lightly, and the company you choose should reflect your commitment to success. Go Top Shelf is right there to help along any step of the way. Call us today for more information on our wide range of web development services.


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Responsive Web Design and Web Development

Responsive web development

Over 60% of searches completed in 2018 were done through mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. To be able to reach this vast audience your site must be mobile responsive, meaning, it must be coded so that the contents of the sites can adjust to the size of the screen.

Go Top Shelf excels in the creation and execution of responsive mobile web development. Whether you need a completely custom design created from scratch, or an older site upgraded to today’s standards, we can help you achieve these goals.


SEO through Web Development

SEO through development

Googlebots (Google’s web crawling bot) scan every line of code on web pages that are sent-in for indexing by the search engine. We ensure that all of the code is legible by bots, and they know which pages to index, and which not to. We also create sitemaps and add meta titles and descriptions for all pages on your site.

We develop every aspect of your site with SEO in mind. Whether that’s on-page items such as using the right title tags in your content, or if it’s off-page, such as ensuring that the speed of your website is where it should be.

Fast Loading Websites

Speed optimized

One of the biggest things that affects traffic and conversions of a website is page load times. Google recently released research detailing some statistics behind current mobile page load time averages. Currently, the average mobile web page load time is 22 seconds! It is commonly known that most users leave the web page if it takes over 3 seconds to load.

Go Top Shelf will properly optimize the files on your site so that load times are kept to a strict minimum. We are committed to giving our clients well optimized and fast websites.


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