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Every great website deserves the best Search Engine Optimization. Go Top Shelf is a Calgary SEO company that uses sustainable search strategies that deliver long term results to our clients. If you’re interested in talking about SEO services, or just want to know the current state of your website’ SEO in Google’s eyes, let’s get started with a free audit.


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Calgary SEO Services

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of going over a website and making sure its content is suitable for Google and users alike. Search engines use what we call “bots” or “site crawlers” to intake information on websites across the web. In-order to have your site ranked on one of these search engines – you first need to optimize your site so that these crawlers can easily index your pages.

Go Top Shelf’ SEO specialists can equip your site with the proper content, tools, and people needed to get your site ranked on Google via our Calgary SEO services.

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Competitor SEO Analysis

SEO is a game, and Google is the referee. Everything we do when optimizing a website, is with the intention of getting ahead of your competitors on Google. We’re playing against other businesses in your niche, and Google is just there to make sure everyone plays nicely.

One of the ways we excel in search engine optimization services is in the level of analysis we provide when comparing your website to your competitors. We see what’s working for them, implement it for you, but then go several steps further to outdo them.

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Best Practices Only

One of the main aspects surrounding Search Engine Optimization is the difference between White Hat & Black Hat tactics. There are lots of companies out there that do not follow Google’s best practices, and these guys are called “Black Hatters” or “Black Hat SEOs”. Black hatters typically go for quick rankings by trying to trick Google into thinking they have high quality websites.

On the other side, White Hat SEOs cater to Google’s search guidelines and stick to the right way of doing things – no tricks involved!

Go Top Shelf follows Google’s search guidelines to the utmost of certainty, and is a White Hat SEO agency. We don’t try to trick Google into ranking you higher, we simply give them the information they’re looking for!

Matt Austin Law Case Study

SEO Case Study – Matt Austin Labor Law

We took care of all the Search Engine Optimization services that this Law Firm needed to get off the ground on search engines. Helping them bring in over 1,400 clicks, and 20,000 impressions per month in organic traffic. We also raised their click-through rate to 14.7% (which is well above the average for law firms).

Their content is rich, and filled with viable information to help clients know what they are getting into. This is crucial when establishing brand authority and your professional reputation.

Matt Austin Labor Law was able to end up with 18 #1 ranking pages, and gains more & more rankings everyday due to the success of our SEO campaign.

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SEO That Fits Your Business

  • Widespread SEO Audit and Reporting Options: Go Top Shelf can provide site audits to show how well your site is performing in numerous ways and provide knowledge on how to fix any errors. We also provide advanced SEO reporting services after we have set-up our tools on your website.
  • On-Site SEO: Your site needs to look amazing in Google’s eyes, and this is how its done. On-site Search Engine Optimization controls how well your website information is handled by Google through factors like keyword research and implementation. We improve this further, by making adjustments to the structure of the site/code to make it more readable by search engines.
  • Off-Site SEO: Once your site is optimized and is looking good – it’s time to build the reputation it deserves across the web. We won’t go too far into detail about this, but it’s a time-intensive process that requires a firm strategy in-order to provide results. Certain factors that help your site rank come from other places around the web, so it is vital to have a strong off-site SEO plan.
  • Monitoring & Developing: Arguably the most important part! Your stats on Google & other search engines will be closely monitored by our SEO specialists, and we will make any adjustments we see fit. Search Engine Optimization is a tightly knit process that requires full attention. Let the professionals at Go Top Shelf take care of your SEO needs today.
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