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Page speed is extremely important to every website. Google and other search engines keep a close eye on how well the pages on your website load, and it can be the defining factor between getting those highly sought after top rankings. After 3 seconds of waiting, over 40 percent of users will leave the site they are on, so you put yourself at risk of losing almost half of your visitors due to your page loading speeds. To avoid customer dissatisfaction and cater to your visitors, it’s crucial to increase your page loading speeds to an acceptable or outstanding amount.

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Why Your Page Loading Speed Is Holding You Back

Slow page loading speeds hinder websites in nearly every industry. From e-commerce to travel sites, many companies see fewer conversions because of page load speeds over 3 seconds. Think With Google has stated that bounce rates increase by 32% for pages loading around 3 seconds, and they can increase to 123% of your page loads around 10 seconds. Mobile page loading speeds are affected the most by this, as a page with a size of 1.49MB will take around 7 seconds to load on a 3G connection.

Allow Us To Improve Your Page Speed

Go Top Shelf specializes in improving page speed for websites. We have created many extremely fast loading websites and have a tried and true process to massively change website’s loading speeds. You can count on us to get your loading speed up to a point where your customers are not dissatisfied and your user experience isn’t hindered.

Allow us to get under the hood of your website and make the necessary improvements needed to get your website past the standard set for the rest of your competition.

The Difference Page Speed Can Make

Page speed optimization isn’t everything to a website. But it can be one of the defining characteristics that allow you to earn more conversion, attain higher rankings on Google, and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

Increasing your page’s speeds can also result in lower bounce rates, higher dwell time, and increased traffic. All of these stats Google looks at closely to rate your website as a good place to send visitors. Everything is interconnected in Google’s eyes, and each statistic has an impact on the overall rating of your site. Its important to pay attention to all of this, and make sure you are doing everything you can to improve them.

Go Top Shelf knows how to impress Google as well as your visitors. If your website is loading slowly, then contact us today to talk about your options. We have strong knowledge and an amazing toolset to get the job done.

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Page Speed Research and Analysis

Our page speed experts will look at the strengths and weaknesses that your website has and identify problem areas that need to be fixed. These problem areas can be a number of things from large images to unoptimized code in the backend of your website.

Target Problems and Begin Fixing

After we identify the different areas of your site that require attention, we will dive in and begin making adjustments as needed and fixing any errors your site may have.

Mobile Ready and Efficient

We will vigorously test your site on multiple devices and connections to make sure everything is loading correctly and properly across all types of devices. Over 50% of traffic online is generated from mobile devices, so your site needs to be ready for this type of traffic.

Additional Testing & Monitoring

Our team will make sure to continue to test for any errors we may have missed and monitor your website to make sure our changes are in effect.

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