What Features Should My Website Have In 2019?

2018 was big for the world of web. We experienced many big innovations in the industry to both old and new ideas.

So the question going into 2019 is: What features should my website have?

From artificial intelligence to advanced cyber-security measures – we have you covered in this weeks TSM blog post!

What features should my website have in 2019? Go Top Shelf has all the answers

Voice Interface

Have you ever used your voice to search for something on the internet? Maybe to look for a product or to find some information about a local business?

I bet the answer is yes.

Over 20% of searches on Google are done with voice nowadays. People are searching for information with their vocal cords more than ever!

This isn’t too surprising considering the rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants.

1 in 5 people in the U.S. have access to a smart speaker in some way at the moment – whether its at home or in the office.

If you’re website doesn’t incorporate a simple voice interface – you could be potentially losing out on valuable customers!

2019 is sure to bring BIG improvements to voice search capabilities. Afterall, we are still learning how to fully utilize this technology.

We will begin to see more & more interactivity and usability enhancements. Eventually, we may even see voice search being adopted by storefronts in brick & mortar shops.

The possibilities are nearly endless…

This is your time to hop on the bandwagon early and incorporate this technology while it is still in its budding phases!

Professional Blog

Having a blog on your website has been around for years. However, it has become more important than ever to have a professionally managed blog on your site.

Blogs solidify your presence as an industry expert and help give your users more information about what you do.

They also help in giving a business a sense of personality. This in turn, builds trust with the user.

Try to choose topics that are unique and relevant to your website/industry.

People aren’t going to be too interested in articles about “how to bake a cake” on the Entrepreneur website…

Your blog posts should provide an exceptional amount of value as well. Put some thought into your topic so that it reaches out and gives the user something they need (they are searching for it, so give it to them already).

Here are some different features you should have on your blog:

  • Professional Writer: whether you decide to write for yourself or hire someone to take care of your posts – make sure they are right for the job, and have a worthy portfolio
  • Comment Section: let users give their opinions on your posts and join in on the conversation
  • Search Bar: give users the ability to search for different articles throughout your website
  • Video: blogs are supposed to be all about reading, right? Not always. Try to include a video in your posts
  • Social Media: make sure to include links and share buttons to at least 4 different social media sites to increase engagement

Newsletter Signup

One of the most essential parts to a digital marketing campaign – your newsletter!

Did you know that email marketing campaigns are 40 times more likely to convert than Twitter or Facebook?

One of the reasons for this is because newsletters keep users involved with ongoing updates about your website/business.

Online businesses everywhere have signups somewhere on their website for this reason.

Keeping your customers “in the loop” helps get the revolving door moving, and get previous customers back to the website.

Afterall, the only important customer above a new one is a returning one. By increasing customer retention rate by 5% you can raise profits anywhere from 25% – 95%.

Let your newsletter gather qualified leads that want to stay updated. Sell yourself in a tasteful manner, and remember… DON’T SPAM!

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) is a network of interconnected servers across multiple regions/continents meant to distribute information to users in a timely manner no matter their location.

This means that if you want to reach customers in Europe from North America – you would need a CDN to help improve site speed so that European users aren’t stuck looking at a load screen all day… cause who wants that?

CDNs have become an essential tool for allowing companies to take a national/global approach towards the distribution of their information. The website speed increase it provides is just too much to pass on.

Cloudflare example image


Website Security

Every website (especially WordPress sites) should have ample security keeping your data safe.

The first step in making sure your website is secure is picking the right hosting provider.

Different hosts offer a range of security measures to keep your website from being attacked.

Some of these options are:

  • Firewalls: block certain IP addresses and software from accessing your server
  • DDoS Protection: stops attacks on your website by blocking fake spam traffic and allowing actual traffic to enter your website
  • Anti-Virus: blocks viruses and malware from infecting your website
  • SSL Certificates: encrypts your website and allows for secure interactions between the server and the browser
  • Email Spam Filtering: gets rid of pesky spam emails that could potentially damage your website/business
  • Security Monitoring: constantly monitors your website for any anomalies and notifies the webmaster immediately if any are found
  • Automatic Backups: automatically backup your website so that you do not need to worry if your site becomes hacked or infected

Keeping your website safe is an essential measure to take in 2019. Google has even stated that having an SSL certificate for your website can raise your rank in search engines!

So make sure your site is secure by making sure you have these tools at the ready!


And there it is folks – our essential list of features you should be including in your website for 2019!

From voice searches to newsletters and CDNs… we have it all covered for your viewing pleasure.

Do you think we missed anything important? Let us know in the comments below. We would be happy to hear from you!

If you need help with website design, or setting up any of these features – feel free to call or email Go Top Shelf to lend a hand with anything you need.

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