Jocelyn Hyslip

Jocelyn is a freelance growth specialist and blog writer. Jocelyn enjoys creating abstract paintings, any outdoor activities, and teaching spin classes.

5 SEO Tips for 2020- Why SEO Still Matters During COVID-19

Even though the demand for some industries has dropped during the pandemic, no matter what market or industry you’re involved in, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for every business. With the social distancing policies implementation combined with an exponential increase in internet usage, coronavirus creates a great time for businesses to focus on their…

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Why is Page Speed Important for SEO?

When building a website, the last thing many people take into consideration is the page’s loading speed. The first thing you get excited about and usually think about is the aesthetics and content that will be presented on the site.  However, don’t let the anticipation for your website’s presentation deter you from remembering the importance…

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