Even with top products, customer service, and branding, an e-commerce business can’t thrive without traffic. If potential customers don’t know your company is out there, you can’t convince them your products are worth buying.

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Driving traffic isn’t exactly a science, however. This can mean efforts to generate traffic may be unpredictable — but it also means creativity can be a major asset when advertising your e-commerce site.

These are five unique ways to drive more traffic to your online storefront that your competition may not have considered.

1. Interview Industry Leaders and Host Guest Content

Interviews and guest content can seriously boost any business’s content marketing strategy. They can cover a wide range of topics, from the big — like where the overall industry is going — to the small, like how to solve a particular problem. For example, a business that sells skincare may team up with a dermatologist or beauty blogger to create a series on a specific product.

This kind of content will draw traffic from search engine listings and other sources — like your guest’s blogs and social media pages.

As a bonus, teaming up with a respected guest or industry figure may also make your brand seem more trustworthy.

You should make a point to put the author or interviewee bio at the top of the post, rather than tucking it at the bottom. This info can intrigue readers and will let them know why they should trust what’s presented.

As with the rest of your content strategy, it’s a good idea to track which posts and interviews draw the most traffic and lead to conversions. With this info, you can prioritize posts from popular guests and publish articles based on previous successes.

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2. Host Paid Giveaways

Giving away free products is a great way to build brand awareness. In addition, partnering with another company to host the giveaway is a great way to develop professional relationships.

However, you’ll need some kind of service or physical product to give away. If this isn’t practical, team up with a brand that makes appropriate items. You can also join forces with a local or regional company to extend the reach of the giveaway.

While the giveaway is ongoing, track engagement on posts, follow changes in conversion rates from social media, and ask customers if they learned about your brand through the promotion.

3. Use Physical Advertising

If you have a physical storefront or a strong local presence, print advertising can boost your online ad strategy.

Print signs help you build brand awareness, show off promotions, and advertise your products.  Dynamic versions are digital, allowing you to display motion graphics and change your marketing approach without going back to the printer.

Some signs can be dynamically adjusted, changing what they display based on time or day of the week. These signs can help show off products and encourage people to visit your website, even if they’re not sure about stopping in to a physical location.

Smart signs and displays offer even more functionality. For example, NFC smart signs come with near-field communication technology that allows people passing by to use their phones to receive information.

They can simply hold their phone up to the sign, and a chip will communicate with their phone. It will give them a direct link to your website, a particular product listing or a certain landing page, depending on what you’re trying to advertise.

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4. Design Merchandise

Products can be a powerful complement to your online marketing strategy. A mug, T-shirt, pen or keychain may take some upfront investment, but they can provide a valuable reminder about your brand to potential customers.

You can also print your site or social media info directly on the merchandise. This will help customers easily find your online storefront.

5. Host Webinars or Speak at Online Events

Hosting free webinars and speaking at online events is a great way to build brand awareness while providing something valuable to potential customers — which can build trust over time.

Most webinar platforms come with features that make it easy to drive attendees to your site if they’re interested in your brand or products. These platforms will also help you track conversions — letting you see what combination of topic, presentation style, and information draws the most traffic.

After the event is over, you may also be able to save your talk and host a version of it on your site. This can provide a long-lasting boost to your content marketing strategy.

Strong CTAs can help here. An effective CTA has a few characteristics — like colorful design, a specific audience, and clear actionable language that tells customers exactly what will happen if they click through. Improving CTA design can help. If possible, local, in-person events work just as well. In some cases, they may even be better. For example, you may have the opportunity to table at the event, which will let you talk to people directly. You might also be able to sponsor a conference — and, in many cases, put up ads and branding.

Driving Traffic With Unconventional Marketing Methods

These marketing methods are a great way to take your ad strategy beyond the standard techniques.

Giveaways, guest posts, physical signage, and webinars are all strategies that can help you drive more traffic to your site, even when you’re already using methods like pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, and email campaigns. They’re a great way to further get your name out there.

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