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There’s nothing more frustrating than sending thousands of emails only to get ignored after. Find the right ways to get clients interested, resulting in higher sales and more right here. Your inbox is going to blow up.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2018

Web design is a constantly evolving and ever-changing monster. Each year we come across new ways to bring out our creativity to the world through the use of websites. Today we are going to talk about the different web design trends that have arisen in 2018 and why you should incorporate these elements into your…

Calgary Web design company

Finding the Right Website Design for Your Business

Tell any web designer ‘just make me a website,’ and you’ll be met by a blank stare. You might as well tell a realtor to just go buy you a house. You’ll end up with an apartment for your five-kids-and-growing family. Nothing will fit, and nobody will be happy. A blanket request never works. Instead,…

Calgary Web design company

Scaling Your Website Across Multiple Platforms With Responsive Web Design

According to Google, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal. Sometimes that’s sequential use, and sometimes it’s simultaneous, regardless, the screens on these devices are rarely the same size – that’s where responsive web design comes in. Furthermore, not all screens work in the same formats – landscape, portrait, or even square….

Calgary Web design company

11 Questions To Ask A Web Designer Before Hiring Them

In this article I’m going to go through all the questions to ask a web designer before hiring them. I often see people getting ripped off or not quite getting what they’d expect from their web designer. They get a decent website built for them, only to find out it’s missing some key features down…


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Boosting SEO Through Quality Writing

The Key to SEO friendly content We usually abandon a website in around 10-20 seconds. That’s around 30-60 words per minute for the average reader. But, if we stay on for more than 30 seconds we’re much more likely to hang around to see what the site is selling. But how does that relate to…

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The State of Google My Business and Search in 2021

Google My Business and Google Search are continually expanding their features and updating their algorithms to help improve a user’s search experience constantly. It can be quite troublesome to keep track of all of these updates and improvements. But SEOs around the world make it their duty to stay ahead of the curve and adapt…