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There’s nothing more frustrating than sending thousands of emails only to get ignored after. Find the right ways to get clients interested, resulting in higher sales and more right here. Your inbox is going to blow up.

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Compelling Call To Action Stats To Raise CTR

There are metrics that marketers can simply never perfect. When it comes to Call To Actions (CTA for short), trying to optimize your conversion rates can seem never-ending. To make things worse… DSIM reported that 70% of businesses don’t even have a Call To Action on their website! Businesses everywhere need to hop on the…

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What Features Should My Website Have In 2019?

2018 was big for the world of web. We experienced many big innovations in the industry to both old and new ideas. So the question going into 2019 is: What features should my website have? From artificial intelligence to advanced cyber-security measures – we have you covered in this weeks TSM blog post! Voice Interface…

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Best Above The Fold Optimization Practices For 2019

The debate between putting content above or below the fold is still raging in 2019 – believe it or not! So what are the best above the fold optimization practices to focus on? We must first ask this question –  how important is “above the fold” content? With marketers everywhere trying to peak interest in…

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Why Does (Image) Size Matter

Recently I was hanging out in one of my favorite Facebook groups for web design, and there was someone in there having trouble finding information on what image sizes they needed for their site. Here’s the question: TLDR: “If there’s a 1600px wide slot, do I have to use a 1600px wide image to fill…

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Why You Need A Responsive Website To Have A Competitive Edge Online

Hello and welcome to the Go Top Shelf weekly blog post. This week, our designers have worked hard to create an infographic that helps illustrate the benefits of Responsive Web Design. So without further ado… here is why you need a responsive website! Making your site look good on all sorts of devices can be…


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Proper Keyword Research Techniques

This article is going to teach you how to pick and research the right ones with search intent that equals the goals of your site. Let’s begin by going over a few key parts of proper keyword research techniques. Utilizing Search Intent To Bring The Correct Traffic To A Website Search intent is the reasoning…

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Everything You Need To Know About Dwell Time In 2019

Are you having trouble nailing down your top positions in search engines? Is Google having a hard time trying to find a place for your site, jumping from the 1st to the 2nd page of results, and back again? These problems could stem from one simple metric: Dwell Time. Dwell Time is a measure of…