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The Breakdown of a Website’s Page Structure

When you’re talking with your web developer – have you ever felt like you are in the dark with everything they are saying? With so many different terms and vocabulary surrounding the web industry… it can be difficult to decipher! We are […]
Web Design May 7, 2019 7 minutes
Calgary Web design company

Social Media Website Evolution

The world of today has seen a huge surge in social media with billions of people interacting through different channels every single day. The way in which social media websites evolve is an interesting topic; But how well have these websites aged […]
Web Design April 9, 2019 7 minutes
Calgary Web design company

Compelling Call To Action Stats To Raise CTR

There are metrics that marketers can simply never perfect. When it comes to Call To Actions (CTA for short), trying to optimize your conversion rates can seem never-ending. To make things worse… DSIM reported that 70% of businesses don’t even have a […]
Web Design March 6, 2019 7 minutes
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What Features Should My Website Have In 2019?

2018 was big for the world of web. We experienced many big innovations in the industry to both old and new ideas. So the question going into 2019 is: What features should my website have? From artificial intelligence to advanced cyber-security measures […]
Web Design February 12, 2019 5 minutes