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Elements of a Website

To view the full infographic, click on this link Content There are endless possibilities for website content, and it will depend heavily on your brand and business. Due to the infinite amount of content customizations available, there are many ways to present information to your users. These various elements of a website can help you…

seo guide 2021 page experience update

SEO Guide for the New Page Experience Update and Beyond

It’s no secret that the upcoming Page Experience Google algorithm update that is set to be released in May is going to impact websites across the globe both positively and negatively. This is one of the largest updates that Google has put together in the past few years, and luckily for us, they gave us…

multi pronged approach to digital marketing

Your Multi-Pronged Approach to Digital Marketing: What to Include in Your Strategy

But you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you assume that focusing on one lead generation channel is enough. When making any kind of financial investment, the traditional wisdom is to diversify. You’ll want to take that same sort of approach when developing your digital marketing strategy. Why Diversify Your Digital Marketing? There are a…

state google my business search 2021

The State of Google My Business and Search in 2021

Google My Business and Google Search are continually expanding their features and updating their algorithms to help improve a user’s search experience constantly. It can be quite troublesome to keep track of all of these updates and improvements. But SEOs around the world make it their duty to stay ahead of the curve and adapt…

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Proper Keyword Research Techniques

This article is going to teach you how to pick and research the right ones with search intent that equals the goals of your site. Let’s begin by going over a few key parts of proper keyword research techniques. Utilizing Search Intent To Bring The Correct Traffic To A Website Search intent is the reasoning…


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5 Tips To Improve Your WordPress Site Speed

Time is money, seriously. Page load times are a BIG DEAL. If anything, page load speed should be at the top of your list when it comes to optimizing your website. Studies show that the longer your page takes to load, the more likely your new visitor is to abandon it. And rightly so! I…

How To Write A Professional Blog Post In Under 1 Hour

Planning Your Blog Post // 10 minutes We are going to go over the steps for planning a blog post efficiently. These are the tasks you should complete before writing even a single word of your post. Proper planning helps you to create an article that reads better, and therefore, is easier for the reader…