The term shop local has been echoing throughout the city as a rally cry to support businesses that are affected by the COVID-19 restrictions on operations., a platform created by Go Top Shelf and In Front Marketing for businesses across Canada, gives an inside lane for businesses to connect directly with local customers and let them know what they can offer during this time of adjusted operations. This free service is easy to use. You can search by your location or by an address and you will see a list of nearby companies along with what they have available.

Right now, is growing daily as businesses become aware of this new way to reach the local community. Companies that would benefit from this platform can submit their business here.

Platforms like this are important to the future and success of businesses hit hardest. By purchasing gift cards and ordering delivery you provide revenue to organizations that require cash flow to get through this temporary standstill in business.

For any questions related to please reach out to [email protected]. or [email protected].

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