Have you been using the same strategy for all your digital marketing efforts over the last few years? If so, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Digital marketing is a highly dynamic field and the competition is tough, so you really do need whatever edge you can get.

In this post, we’ll look specifically at content marketing and how you can turn it into success. We haven’t forgotten the other digital marketing methods, though.

We’ve got those covered in the infographic at the end of this post composed by SERP Watch. It’s packed with content and SEO stats and insights that will allow you a better understanding of how digital marketing trends are evolving.

Let’s move on to content marketing and find out why it could be the most important marketing strategy you have.

What is Content Marketing?

Traditional marketing involves reaching out to your prospects. It’s an outbound marketing technique. It’s not as effective as it used to be because it is a more intrusive method. You’re essentially interrupting your prospect’s day and forcing her to listen to you.

It is one way to get the message across but also a great way to get people to tune out. It’s like those ads you get when watching satellite TV. They’ve repeated over and over again and eventually, everyone just tunes them out.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is an inbound-marketing technique and is completely different. Instead of reaching out to the prospect with a direct sales message, you create content that they’ll find valuable.

The content itself is not going to be sales-orientated. The idea is more to show your expertise and provide content centered on what your client needs. It’s a tough sell to a more traditional marketer because it’s a more long-term project that needs to be worked on overtime. You can’t get away with a blog post every six months to get the full advantages.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

This should be viewed as a brand-building exercise. If you create great, timely content, you’re improving the prospect’s view of your brand. More importantly, though, they’re going to come and seek you when they’re ready to buy.

You won’t need to interrupt their day or hound them to death – they’ll come looking for you.

The content itself becomes an important asset to your company too. If it’s great content, it will be shared by readers, and maybe even by other site owners. One piece of evergreen content will net you traffic over many years to come, and all for the low price of creating the content in the first place.

While it will cost something to get the content out there and promote it, you’ll get a long-term return from this investment that’s hard to beat.

Final Notes

Inbound marketing methods are proving a lot more effective for today’s consumer. We’re all assaulted by a barrage of marketing information every day. It’s simpler to tune it out. Content marketing, on the other hand, is about more than just selling something. It’s about providing value. If done right, it will drive a lot more sales than trying to inundate your prospects with direct advertising. Thinking about changing careers? Check out this article on all the benefits of starting a career in digital marketing.

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