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We Aim For The Top Shelf

We’re glad you’re here, but the painful truth is if you’re on our website, your website probably isn’t bringing in the revenue you’d like it to.

What’s worse is that you’re potentially blowing thousands in digital marketing each month with underwhelming results from your website.

So what’s the deal; do your ads suck? Maybe, but you have no idea unless you’re confident that your website is already optimized to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Our online marketing services can change that, and help your business hit the top shelf.

  • Sammy Jose Avatar
    Sammy Jose
    10/02/2021 - Google

    I have been looking for a Markting guy for years till I met Tom from Go top shelfThe best of... read more

  • Randy Dahlman Avatar
    Randy Dahlman
    4/23/2021 - Google

    Ashley and Tom have been great to work with to get our website up and going!

  • Aaron Staiman Avatar
    Aaron Staiman
    4/23/2021 - Google

    Top Shelf has been taking care of our Web Presence and SEO needs for some time now. Always a great... read more

  • Gord Hobbins Avatar
    Gord Hobbins
    4/21/2021 - Google

    Great at walking us through every step of new website design process. Approachable, knowledgeable, and flexible. Answers technical... read more

  • Checker Transportation Group Calgary YYC Avatar
    Checker Transportation Group Calgary YYC
    4/16/2021 - Google

    Thanks for the preliminary work on our site - it looks great so far. Professional team, terrific ideas and follow... read more

  • Eddy Spigott Avatar
    Eddy Spigott
    3/17/2021 - Google

    Tom and team are true professionals. Technical, but approachable for any small business owner looking to go to the next level.

Case Studies

Maverick Group

Within 3 months, Derek’s website began to show up for the keywords we were targeting, and by 6 months he closed his first deal as a direct result of our SEO work - which was large enough to return more than his investment so far. Three months later he closed his second deal, and now the clients keep on coming.

What we did


Resulted in

Organic traffic growth
Bounce rate reduced
ROI in first year

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High Quality Custom Websites

We provide design and development at various levels. Our offered solutions always depend on the project and its needs.

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With experience since 2012 we're overly familiar with the ever changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization.

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Getting web traffic is one thing, making sales is another. We can provide the information you need to ensure you're doing both.

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We're obsessed with making web pages faster. Literally no one hates slow loading pages more than we do.

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Best in class hosting solutions, regardless of your website size. A key component of having a faster website.

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Like any successful business, our agency's continued growth is largely due to our excellent team. We have designers, developers, search engine specialists, content writers and more at the ready to go to work for you.

Our digital marketing company is respected in the industry. We've claimed multiple awards and certifications in our time, and we rank in the top 2% of companies nationally.

2021 Local Excellence Winner in Calgary, AB BEST DIGITAL AGENCY

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